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Since the publication of the first volume of Transactions in 1849, over 150 editions of the journal have been published. This represents a considerable and influential body of scholarly material on the history of the two counties. Some of the articles published in the nineteenth-century volumes now constitute primary sources for certain aspects of the history of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Transactions is a high quality, peer-reviewed journal which includes articles and short notes reflecting recent and original research on diverse aspects of the history of Lancashire and Cheshire. The articles cover a range of themes and periods, and are of wide-ranging scholarly and popular interest. Reviews of recent volumes of Transactions have endorsed the Society's reputation as a supporter and publisher of scholarly research, a reputation which the Society's Council aims to enhance.

The Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1998, with a special series of lectures, most of which were subsequently published in volume 148 of Transactions. In addition, Council decided to mark the occasion by commissioning a comprehensive index volume, which provides a single searching aid for the entire run of Transactions from 1848 onwards.

The index provides a subject and author index to articles in Transactions from volume 1 (1848-9) to 149 (2000). This is a valuable research tool for anyone interested in the history of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Please note that the Society can only supply copies of material as listed in the catalogue of publications for sale.

If you require any item, listed in the index, which is not in the catalogue, please apply to your local library. If they do not hold a run of Transactions they can apply on the inter-library loan service. In addition to the British Library, many university libraries hold a run of Transactions, as do county and local record offices within the Palatinate counties of Lancashire and Cheshire.

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