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Our Council

The business of the Society is conducted by a Council, which normally meets three times a year


Dr Arline Wilson

Secretary to Council 

Mr. R.C. Hull 


Mrs C. Nunn


Membership Secretary 

Dr Janet Hollinshead 


Other Secretaries

Programme Secretary

Dr C. B. Phillips


Newsletter/Publicity Secretary

Mr Chris Jones 


Publications Secretary

 Dr. D. E. Ascott 


Transactions Editor 

Dr B. Dockerill



Reviews Editor 

Dr James Mawdesley

email address â€" to be advised


Books for review should be sent to the Reviews Editor


Web Editor 

Dr Patricia Cox


Ordinary Members of Council 

Prof. John Belchem

Dr Lewis Darwen 

Dr Nick Foggo

Dr Andy Gritt 


Dr Sheryllynne Haggerty 

Dr Andrew Hobbs

Dr Donna R. Jackson

Dr Lucinda Mathews-Jones

Mrs Marie Passey

Dr Fiona Pogson

Dr L. Stewart

Prof. D. Szechi 

Mr J. Tiernan 

Prof. J. G. Timmins 

Prof. Nick J. White


Other honorary appointments (not members of Council)

Hon. Examiner 

To be announced 


Hon. Librarian 

Mr D.A. Stoker, 

City Record Office, Central Public Library, William Brown Street, 

Liverpool, L3 8EW 



Mr. P.J. Andrews, Miss J. Beck, Dr. S.A. Harrop, 

Dr. J.I. Kermode, Miss P.R. Pleasance. 





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