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Dr Bertie Dockerill

Contact details as follows:

Department of Geography and Planning 
University of Liverpool
Room 302, Roxby Building
74 Bedford Street South
L69 7ZT
or (preferably) e mail:


Reviews Editors 
Dr Nathan Booth: Bradford University
Note to publishers/authors:
Please send books for review to the editor of Transactions, Dr Bertie Dockerill, at the above address.
Interested in reviewing for Transactions
Please note: we don't accept unsolicited reviews. However, if you are interested in reviewing then please contact the editor of Transactions with a brief summary of your area of expertise.
Editorial Board 
Dr Mairtin O'Cathain
Dr Jonathan Healey
Dr Katrina Navickas
Dr Robert Poole
Dr David Stewart

Editorial Advisor

Prof. John Belchem

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